Steffen Peters Keeps “The Rave Horse” Dancing Fit with Zarasyl

SAN DIEGO, CA — When Steffen Peters and Suppenkasper, aka Mopsie, aren’t dancing at the Olympics, “the rave horse” returns home to regular competition in sunny California. After the exciting Tokyo Olympic Games, Steffen and Mopsie still face one big obstacle: Florida’s humid competition environment.

While it’s nothing compared to flying across the world with a horse, there are still challenges to moving an equine athlete from Steffen’s home base in California to Florida. Traveling exposes the horses to new bacteria, environments and health challenges. According to Steffen Peters, humidity is a big obstacle. “I would say the most common challenge that we face is when we travel to and from Florida. Our horses are not used to the humidity.”

Fungal spores and bacteria love the temperate weather in Florida. The prevalence of warm, moist air allows these organisms to multiply and thrive, creating the perfect environment for equine skin issues. Fungal conditions like rain rot occur easily in the heat and spread quickly from horse to horse. Pastern dermatitis, also known as scratches, is a bacterial infection caused by excess moisture trapped in the hair coat. All of these dermatologic issues can cause lameness and prevent a horse from competing. Luckily, Steffen uses Zarasyl as a preventative on his horses’ legs. “We always carry Zarasyl with us to Florida to use as skin care irritation prevention. It works wonders and our horses come home with zero irritation!”

Steffen’s grooms use Zarasyl on a near daily basis in order to manage the growth of the fungus and bacteria that cause so many equine skin issues. “Our grooms use Zarasyl a lot on the daily with prevention and also wound care. We love this product and have seen really amazing results. It is challenging to find a product that does it all.”

Peters reports that his equine partner Mopsie, dubbed “the rave horse” by the internet, feels better than ever. “Mopsie has been so incredible this season and he feels more competition-ready than ever before!” Zarasyl is proud to have a hand in the incredible care that Mopsie receives from Steffen’s grooms and stable management team. According to Steffen, “Our grooms love Zarasyl and it has been a staple in our day to day life here with our horses.”

Congratulations on achieving a silver medal, Steffen and Mopsie! The whole Zarasyl team was dancing with you from around the world.

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New to market equine barrier cream, Zarasyl, utilizes over a decade of cutting-edge research on a proprietary amorphous silica, which provides sustained delivery of orthosilicic acid. Orthosilicic acid is the bioavailable form of silicon associated with healthy connective tissue growth. All ingredients are odorless, non-volatile, water miscible, chemically stable, non-irritating and non-toxic. Steroid and antibiotic-free, Zarasyl is competition safe and contains no prohibited substances.

For more information on Zarasyl, go to or contact Veronica Green-Gott at




Freelance writer specializing in the equine industry. You can reach me via my Golden Fleece Farm page on Facebook, @goldenfleecequinewriter.

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Veronica Green-Gott

Veronica Green-Gott

Freelance writer specializing in the equine industry. You can reach me via my Golden Fleece Farm page on Facebook, @goldenfleecequinewriter.

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