Inside Scoop: How Tamie Smith Manages Common Equine Skin Conditions

PRESS RELEASE — Tamie Smith swears by new equine barrier cream, Zarasyl, as her go-to product for common skin issues both on the road and at home.

Five star event rider, Tamie Smith, travels all over the United States on a regular basis. Based out of California, she frequently goes to Florida, the Carolinas, and Kentucky for events like the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day. So much travel means that her horses are exposed to new environments, different bacteria, and the additional stress of trailering, all of which can lead to significant problems, like scrapes, sores, and fungus. Keeping her team healthy means getting on top of these skin issues fast.

At her home base in California, Smith’s horses get some minor dermatitis on the legs, but nothing too serious. Unfortunately, a whole other crop of issues arises from showing in the humid Florida heat. While competing in Florida, Smith’s horses struggle with rubs, sores, fungus and conditions that she would never expect in California. One of her biggest issues in managing these skin care challenges is finding a product that works while also being competition legal. “There’s a lot of products on the market that you can get from your veterinarian, but those end up being too strong and aren’t competition-legal,” Smith said in an interview.

Luckily, Tamie Smith is sponsored by Zarasyl equine barrier cream, which she uses almost daily. One of her mother’s horses is susceptible to sores on his pasterns. “If you even just run cross country with a bell boot, it will flare up.” But since using Zarasyl, the horse has been able to find relief for these pastern sores without the need for antibiotics. Smith is excited to report that, “He just ran at the Fork this past month. He typically would have had very painful sores on his pastern but it went away within a couple days. Typically, we would have to use antibiotics but since using Zarasyl, we haven’t had to do that.”

So, what is Tamie Smith’s grooming routine for managing skin issues? It starts with catching them early. “We go over the horses’ legs every single morning with a fine tooth comb and when they come in from turnout. If there’s anything, even a cut, we put Zarasyl on there. It’s been great.”

Tamie Smith was recently announced as the first alternate for the Tokyo Olympics, a position she’s honored to hold. As Tamie reminded us recently, “Just like anything, you have to keep going, keep fighting, keep yourself engaged.”

Zarasyl is very proud to support Tamie Smith and her horses. Wishing you continued great success, Tamie!

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New to market equine barrier cream, Zarasyl, utilizes over a decade of cutting-edge research on a proprietary amorphous silica, which provides sustained delivery of orthosilicic acid. Orthosilicic acid is the bioavailable form of silicon associated with healthy connective tissue growth. All ingredients are odorless, non-volatile, water miscible, chemically stable, non-irritating and non-toxic. Steroid and antibiotic-free, Zarasyl is competition safe and contains no prohibited substances.

For more information on Zarasyl, go to or contact Veronica Green-Gott at




Freelance writer specializing in the equine industry. You can reach me via my Golden Fleece Farm page on Facebook, @goldenfleecequinewriter.

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Veronica Green-Gott

Veronica Green-Gott

Freelance writer specializing in the equine industry. You can reach me via my Golden Fleece Farm page on Facebook, @goldenfleecequinewriter.

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