Choose Antibiotic-Free Zarasyl Instead

A bay and chestnut horse wearing bridles touch noses in a green field.

Overuse of antibiotic ointments in the barn contributes to the development of “superbugs” and can put future health of equines at risk. Now, antibiotic-free barrier cream Zarasyl steps up as a new option for equestrians looking for wound and skin care products.

Superbugs, or antibiotic-resistant bacteria, are a serious issue…

My old riding team — what horse showing should be about: fun.

Let’s get this straight: negativity has no place in the equine world. The horse is an animal that lives in the now. They don’t care if your dressage test was botched — they probably didn’t even know they were performing a test. But the mental state of the rider can…

The cross marking the burial spot.

There is a body in my backyard. He does not belong to me and yet when I bought the house I adopted his bones right along with it.

They lie 6 feet underground, the weight of the earth pressing them deeper into the embrace of the Rainbow Bridge. After a…

Veronica Green-Gott

Freelance writer specializing in the equine industry. You can reach me via my Golden Fleece Farm page on Facebook, @goldenfleecequinewriter.

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